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Keeping Fueling Costs Under Control!Beck Oil, Inc. helps you reduce your total fuel consumption and associated costs by:

Controlling the product grade purchased.
Choosing premium fuel over regular could increase your fuel costs!

Eliminating non-fueling purchases.
Most systems rely on service station and convenience stores where it is easy to add non-fuel items to the transactions.

Reducing the time spent fueling.
Did you know that every 10 minutes an $18 per hour driver spends in a convenience store increases the per gallon cost of fuel by about 12¢.

Alert systems detection.
Most fuel purchasing systems fail to adequately report activity that will help you detect abuse. Beck Oil, Inc.’s management and fuel analysis tools help keep track of your fuel consumption with the goal of lowering the total cost of operating your business fleet.

Dedicated 24/7 customer service.50thbadgesmall
We know time is money. If you have questions, Beck Oil, Inc. representatives are here to give you answers.

With one of the Beck Oil, Inc. Fleet Card programs, you have the ability to set profiles for each of your drivers, departments, or fleet.  You have the ability to setup fueling time, gallonage limits, and product types.

  • Per Day Transaction Limits
  • Gallon Limits Per Transaction
  • Time of Day and Day of Week Fueling Controls
  • Product Control
  • Floating Driver ID
  • E-Receipt, Tracking and Email Verification of Fuel Purchases


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